You Can Create a World
that’s Better for Kids

What We Do


with local pastors and their families.


vision of church’s outreach to needy families in their community.

Create BFK Academies

for kids in churches located in the most overlooked areas.

Train Church Leaders

in children’s ministry through workshops and more.

Family Visitations

by church leaders to counsel and pray with families of children attending Academies.

Provide Projects

to families of the most need, giving them small funds for economic projects.

Foster Dialogue

between different church leaders to share powerful and uplifting testimonies!

Better for Women

minister to wives of local pastors through prayer and encouragement.

How We Do It

Transforming Lives




Local Churches





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See what our partners have to say

“I am grateful for Better For Kids Ministry that gave me the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful group of pastors work together as a team. BFK also opened doors in front of us to witness God’s work amazingly grows as waves reaching out to all places far and near. It touches thirsty hearts for God’s presence and we saw His fantastic work in Kids’ hearts, their families, ministers, Sunday School teachers, Church’s leaders, Academies’ directors and pastors. Praise the Lord.”
Egypt Ministry Leader
“We often visit a widow named Um Bassem, who also attends the general church meetings on Fridays along with participating in a discipleship group for uneducated women. She is a mother of two children, Bassem and Madona, and is unable to work due to poor health conditions. The church partnered with her and helped pay for her rent.”
Ministry Leader